Cruises out of London and tourist trips with sightseeing

If you are planning on a vacation and you have not already visited London, then considering luxury cruises to discover the greater city of London is simply a must. Get a chance to see the wonderful and dazzling sights harboring the most precious histories of England.

Feel the excitement rush through you as you pass by the most renowned sights such as the Tower Bridge, the London eye, Big Ben and much more. It is a perfect way to unwind and the ideal tour for those who are new to this incredible city.

It is something that is sure to bring you in a good mood and allow you to have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Our luxury cruises are all inclusive and take about an hour or hour and a half filled with thrill and fun. If you are looking for an Ireland tourist guide in London, then this is the place for you.


Cruise on the River Thames


Cruise on the River Thames — a surreal experience to sea luxury cruises all inclusive

Cruise through the historical monuments as you breath in the cool fresh air, travelling by boat on the River Thames. Experience the thrill of cruising and taking pictures of the most amazing things as they pass by. The ride come with extraordinary guides who will keep you alert and fill you in on the historical significance of the place that you see.

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Touring on foot is something that most of us have already experienced. Not only it becomes quite tiring after a while but it also takes away a great experience. Admiring the beauty of London from a different perspective is what a cruise tour provides. The river Thames itself is a sight to behold. Cruising on it is an experience worth paying for. Our affordable prices mean that almost everyone can enjoy a fun-filled ride at a reasonable cost.
Things to do
Just cruising all day will definitely not give you the value-for-money that you are looking for. As such, we have planned various other activities for you to enjoy so that you can make the most out of this unforgettable tour. With a number of stops in between, the tour will allow you to walk in those beautiful landmarks and a take in the exhilarating views as you go. This will give you chance to truly admire the city’s most iconic places.
In addition, we make sure that you do not leave London without trying the vast variety of cuisines that it has to offer. With hundreds of restaurants and bars, the only thing you will find difficult is choosing the right one. You may also choose to have lunch on board while you take in the breathtaking views of the river. This way you can enjoy a delicious meal while experiencing the cruise.
Lord Mayor’s Fireworks
If you want to see the London sky all lit up with dazzling fireworks, then come to our evening tour package. With it, you will experience the city’s night life and also get an opportunity to watch the stunning Lord Mayor’s Firework’s on board. As you travel across the river, our tour guide will keep your adrenaline pumping with their commentary and make sure that you have a wonderful time. The fireworks are a great way to have a truly surrealistic experience. Whether you are with your family or with your friends, it is a must for everyone who wants to see London in its full splendor.
New Year’s Eve
Don’t know where to spend this New Year’s Eve? Having a hard time due to the given budget? Not a problem. Our New Year’s Eve Cruise package is just for you. Affordable and covering the most beautiful day of the year in London, the cruise will simply want to make come back for more.
Filled with fun and incredible display of fireworks, our cruise will let you relish each and every minute as you transition to another year. No longer do you have to jostle your way through throngs of people. Enjoy the event in peace and see the entire River glisten as the waves dance their way through.
So make your booking now and have the time of your life with friends, family and loved ones.

A surprising number of cruise begins and ends in New York.
In the big city has many attractions.

Cruise Terminal New York City

New York Architecture Tour

NY is a City of eclectic buildings and architectural styles. We will take you on personalized interior tours of The Woolworth Building and The World Financial Center where you can shop dine at one of several restaurants and view the yacht basin from under a massive glass atrium and 60 foot live palm trees.

We travel east to the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge, a symphony of wire, cable and stone built in 1883. In Soho we explore various types of Cast Iron Buildings.

In Greenwich Village we see fabulous Brownstones, The Washington Square Arch and the narrowest house in NY-The former home of Edna St. Vincent Millay. At 23rd Street we enter the famous “Ladies Mile” and see the worlds first skyscraper, The Flatiron Building.

Traveling uptown, appreciate the Deco influence of Rockefeller Center, North to Central Park and the Dakota, movie location of Rosemary’s Baby and home of John Yoko. As we enter Harlem a stop at the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, St John The Divine.

Heading West we see Grants Tomb, and Riverside Church, home of the worlds largest Bell Carillon. Back East and down Fifth Avenue we travel Museum Mile and see many of the mansions and homes of NY’s Rich Famous.

Approximately 6 hours

Upper Manhattan Harlem-Times Square

Starting at Columbus Circle we take in Lincoln Center, Central Park and the Celebrity homes of the likes of Arnold Schwartzaneggar, Jerry Seinfeld, Madonna, Barbara Streisand and many more. We pass the Museum of Natural History, The NY Historical Society and make a stop at St. John the Divine, the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world.

We continue to Riverside Church, stopping at Grants Tomb, modeled after the famous Tomb of King Mauselious and then on to Colombia University and Harlem. In Harlem, we drive by the famous Apollo Theatre, The Cotton Club and the great Churches, Mosques and architectural jewels that line the streets of this historic community.

We continue down 5th Avenue passing Museum mile; including The Museum of The City of New York, Museo Del Barrio, The Cooper Hewitt, The Jewish Museum, The Frick Collection, The Metropolitan Guggenheim Museum.

At 57th Street we continue with Trump Tower, Cartier, Tiffany, Harry Winston, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, here we head west to the glitz and lights of Times Square. Lunch is on your own. Several stops will be made where you may have lunch or a snack.

Approximately 6 hours

Harvest in Amish Country NYC tour

This is the perfect time of year for a trip to the beautiful and peaceful Amish Country. We depart NYC and travel via luxury air conditioned, restroom equipped coach to Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Stops include a farmers market, and outlet center. Lunch is at a family style all- you-can- eat restaurant complete with locally made shoofly-pie and desserts.

After lunch a local Mennonite guide will give us a tour of this beautiful unspoiled farmland.

Approximately 10 hours. 95 includes lunch, snacks all gratuities

The Basic Tour NYC

Experience the thrill of Manhattan as we describe it’s history from the Indian Village Dutch settlement to English occupation and the Revolution.

Our 4 hour Manhattan Tour includes Wall Street, China Town, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Soho, Times Square and The Theater District.

We will tell you everything you wanted to know about NYC including, How the streets got their names, Why are thousands buried under Washington Square Park, and where does Michael Jackson Madonna Live?

Approximately 4 hours


See the house where Alexander Hamilton lay dying after his fatal duel with Aaron Burr. Stand on the actual site where serial killer ‘Son Of Sam” took one of his victims and where John Lennon was gunned down in front of his home.

Visit the spot where Mafia Don Paul Castellano was gunned down in a hail of gunfire by mob hit men, stand under “The Hanging Tree where hundreds of colonial era criminals met their fate at the end of a taut rope.

Visit Hells Kitchen where the Irish “Westies” still operate carry out contract executions. See the restaurant where mobster Joey Gallo was assassinated after he finished a plate of calamari in Little Italy. Visit the site where Edgar Allen Poe wrote many of his macabre short stories.

Approximately 4 hours

Gourmet Food Tour NYC

From Pastrami to caviar, come and eat your way through New York’s culinary wonderland. Visit an open-air farmers market, stop by Balducci’s.

Visit The Hong Kong Market in China Town. The salumerias, pasta shops and bakeries of Little Italy. Watch freshly roasted coffee ground to order. Have a cappuccino and fresh Cannoli in Greenwich Village.

See the Fulton Fish Market and visit a professional Restaurant Supply store. Bring your appetite, their will be plenty of opportunities to sample the best NY has to offer. Lunch in Greenwich Village or China Town, your choice!

Ethnic Neighborhoods Tour NY is a melting pot…No, not really. It’s more like a stew where individuals and their heritage stand out prominently against a back ground of all other nationalities.

There are more Italians in NY than in Rome, More Jews then in Tel Aviv, More Greeks then in Athens. Visit the Italian section of Brooklyn, the Hassidic area of Williamsburg. The Greek section of Astoria, the Polish neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Little India in Jackson Heights.

See how newly arrived immigrants lend their input to NY—Their culture, customs, and their cuisine. Lunch or Dinner in a Polish, Greek, Indian, Italian or Chinese Restaurant is included.

Approximately 6 hours



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