Escape To An Island Paradise In Mauritius

Escape To An Island Paradise In Mauritius And Indulge In Its Simple Serenity
Off the southeast coast of Africa lies the paradisiacal island of Mauritius. If you are planning to go on holiday, this island is a little piece of heavenly paradise that is quietly waiting to warmly greet you and welcome travellers from all backgrounds. With its tropical climate and gentle breezes, Mauritius holidays allow you to enjoy outdoor recreational activities any time of the year.

In Mauritius the locals are welcoming and friendly to visitors, the food is tasty and the flavours tantalising. Multiple resorts offer activities such as golfing, big game fishing, and various water sports. There are white sandy beaches dotted all around this pristine island, with warm crystal-clear waters and a fascinating underwater world waiting to be discovered by divers and snorkellers alike.

A gorgeous island retreat miles away from all signs of worldly troubles and big cities, Mauritius is the perfect hideaway with the most idyllic setting to enjoy utterly relaxing and lazy days strolling along the beaches, sun-tanning on a comfortable beach lounger or going out for an invigorating swim.

Whether it is reading a good book while digging your feet in the sand under the cool shade of an umbrella or enjoying adrenaline-packed water sports, Mauritius has something special for everyone.

If you venture outside your hotel or resort you will be able to do a bit of sightseeing and admire magnificent waterfalls, climb up volcanic peaks and stare in awe at their natural beauty. Take advantage of the ebony forests, and go for a hike down a hiking trail or rent a bike and do your own bit of exploring around. Hotels in Mauritius also offer a wide selection of facilities and international cuisine including European, Creole, and Chinese. 2016 Kingdom

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