Welcome to Saipan, a complete travel and tourist guide to Saipan, an island located in the Pacific Ocean which is part of the Mariana Islands.
The tropical island of Saipan offers visitors some great beaches and natural attractions as well as an island culture deeply rooted in ancient Chamorro ways. If you love the sun, outdoors, history and culture then Saipan may be just the island for you to plan a getaway vacation. To learn more about the Pacific Island of Saipan browse through our site to discover what Saipan and its people have to offer you!

Saipan Attractions

Popular tourist attractions in the island of Saipan. Find out what landmarks and popular sites to visit while vacationing in Saipan. We hope you have some fun and enjoyment while visiting our beautiful island by checking out some of the island’s attractions.

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Find some featured attractions in Saipan listed below or for a complete list of attractions see the list at the bottom left of this page cruisentours.com


Saipan Botanical Garden
The Saipan Botanical Garden is a great attraction for people who love plants or the outdoors. It offers visitors a look into the fruits, vegetables and various other plants which grow on the island of Saipan. Suicide Cliff Saipan
Suicide Cliff is located in the northern part of Saipan in Marpi. The cliff is a prominent natural feature in the northern part of Saipan and is also the location where Japanese jumped to their deaths after losing the battle to the US military during World War II.



Bird Island and Bird Island Lookout Saipan
A view of Bird Island from Bird Island Lookout offers some picturesque views of the northeastern coast of Saipan. Bird Island is a small island just outside the protected lagoon in the Marpi coast. During low tide you can walk out to the island through the lagoon. Remember to bring your camera to take some pictures of the great ocean and coastline view Bird Island Lookout has to offer. Saipan Zoo
Seeing interesting animals at the Saipan Zoo which can only be found in the Micronesian region like the Marianas fruit bat pictured above. If you love pets or animals then a visit to the Saipan Zoo should be on your list of attractions to visit while in Saipan.

The Saipan Zoo is located along Woosch Drive in Puerto Rico village on the western side of Saipan.


Located in the center of the island in southern Saipan, Mount Tapochau rises to an elevation of 1,545 feet or 515 meters, offering some exquisite views of the southern area of the island from its summit.

Also referred to as: Mount Tapochao, Mount Tapotchau Banzai Cliff Saipan Banzai Cliff is located along the coastline in the northern part of Saipan. Banzai Cliff was where hundreds of Japanese civilians jumped to their deaths in the aftermath of the battle on Saipan during World War II. They chose to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff rather than being captured by the Americans and tortured. There is a prayer and sacred area, temples and shrines which line the cliff line of Banzai Cliff. There are also a Japanese shrines and memorials where you can burn incense and candles to show respect for those that died during the war.